We've been working on this for a while - and the results are in!  In the past 30 years of studying hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we've watched styles change, methods change, and clients change .... but one thing never changes .... as the field of hypnosis evolves, adjusts, and adapts, some hypnotists do well on a regular basis while others get inconsistent results.  So we set out to uncover the difference that makes the difference.

You say you want a revolution?
Well, you know, we ALL want to change the world.  And that's why we want to share what we've found with you. So we're inviting you to take advantage of some free resources that will get you started.  Just give us some basic information so we know you want it - and over the next several weeks, we'll be sending you lessons and information, inviting you to attend a free teleconference, giving away an audio that you can listen to whenever you want to enjoy a nice trance and develop your skills even more.  

Empowering Trance

Techniques are great, yet statistics show that it isn't the technique of the hypnotist that makes a difference, as much as the principles behind the processes.  These principles can be embodied and utilized for greater effectivness ... regardless of the techniques you employ! 
You'll learn about:
  • New Paradigms for Trancework
  • Requisites of Self Practice
  • The Hypnotic Relationship
  • Generative Trance and the Evolving Self
  • Ritual, Ceremony and Hypnosis

We can hardly contain our enthusiasm!  So we're giving it away.  We're introducing some new ideas and challenging some old ones ... and if you're interested in exploring hypnosis more deeply, we know you won't want to be left out.  

Fill in the form below and you'll get:
  • Four Free Lessons delivered to your email box
  • Access to a Free Teleconference (recording available if you miss it)
  • A Special Free Hypnosis mp3 Download

Get a Head Start (our hidden agenda)
We've got to admit, it isn't just altruism  that's behind this offer.  We're in the process of putting all this information together in a live, paid program.  In fact, our first public presentation of this work will be held in Orlando on November 15th - 17th (OIA area hotel) ... so while we're getting ready to present that, we like being immersed in these ideas for a couple months ... knowing that it will make the workshop even better.  So we're showing you what we've got while we're getting warmed up.  And we really appreciate the chance to continue exploring these ideas.  BUT THAT'S NOT THE ONLY REASON ... 

We'll also keep you in the loop about Empowering Trance - a weekend of exploration and discovery coming to Orlando, Florida in November 2013.  (For more details about the live training - click here)

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